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Our Projects & Initiatives

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Our part of the bigger picture.

From partnering with like-minded local nonprofit organizations to uncovering unmet needs within our community, we are eager to do more for local students.
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Taking action to create change. 

When goals are big and expectations are high, collaboration is essential. When we can team up with other organizations that share our values, we can make a more powerful impact - together. 

Are you a part of an existing program within the Las Vegas Valley that helps young people excel? Let’s team up to make sure the students are able to succeed and reach their goals. 

The Silver State Schools CU People Over Profit (POP) Foundation is always looking for ways to better help young people succeed by leveraging our knowledge, relationships, resources, and influence. If you believe your program aligns with our mission and values, please feel free to contact us.
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When you give, lives change for the better!
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We’re driven by our mission and values.