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POP Foundation Donates $2,500 to S.A.F.E. House

August 06, 2021
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The Silver State Schools CU People Over Profit (POP) Foundation, fulfilling its mission to support Southern Nevada charitable education-based organizations, made a $2,500 donation to S.A.F.E. House. What was originally a grassroots mission to stop domestic violence, S.A.F.E. House grew into a lifelong mission for one of the co-founders, Julie Proctor. Over the past two decades, S.A.F.E. House has provided shelter, counseling, advocacy, housing assistance, and education to more than 85,000 people. This donation will help S.A.F.E. House continue to provide shelter, food and clothing to young children and adults who have been hurt by domestic violence.
“Upon learning about the impact this program has had in assisting victims of domestic violence in Southern Nevada, we are delighted to provide this donation to S.A.F.E. House,” said Malinda Watson, POP Foundation Board Chairman. “Helping an organization that provides a multitude of services and assistance to those in need will not only better our community but open the door for so many more in similar situations.”
“Being able to provide this donation to a local organization that is dedicated to stopping abuse in the family environment by providing a wide range of resources is extremely rewarding,” states Scott A. Arkills, President and CEO, Silver State Schools Credit Union. “The POP Foundation was founded by Silver State Schools Credit Union to serve and provide resources to organizations such as S.A.F.E. House who dedicate their time, effort, and resources to assisting and bettering the lives of so many in our community.”

Recognizing the positive impacts of its employees, the Silver State Schools Credit Union (SSSCU) Board of Directors and its Executive Team established the Silver State Schools CU People Over Profit (POP) Foundation, a Nevada nonprofit charitable 501(c)(3) organization in 2019. As the charitable arm of SSSCU, the POP Foundation strives to elevate education and financial literacy by providing Southern Nevada students with tools, resources, and access to build a better future by educating, empowering, and enhancing our community for the common good.
From partnering with like-minded local nonprofit organizations, to uncovering unmet needs within our community, we are eager to do more for our families in Southern Nevada. When you donate to the Silver State Schools CU People Over Profit (POP) Foundation, your financial support enables us to put funds toward bettering the lives of young people in our community. To give a tax-deductible donation and make a lasting difference in the life of a child, or to learn more about the POP Foundation, please visit
For additional information about S.A.F.E. House, please visit
For more information about Silver State Schools Credit Union, please visit

(Check Presentation Picture: Scott A. Arkills, President/CEO, Silver State Schools Credit Union; Julie Proctor, Executive Director/Co-Founder, S.A.F.E. House; George Ann Rice, Board Member, Silver State Schools Credit Union; Malinda Watson, Board Chairman, POP Foundation; Raymond Wilson, Secretary/Treasurer, Silver State Schools CU POP Foundation)